Worst Case Scenario Planning – Dogs in Thailand

Since reading the 4 Hour Work Week ~10 years ago I’ve made a habit of “worst case planning”. I’ve found that when I can predict potential worst case scenarios and things that can go wrong it’s easy for me to identify ahead of time what I would do to resolve them, and that puts my mind at ease and allows me to operate in the vast majority of situations in a highly confident manner.

Tonight was one of the few times that the actual worst case scenario in my head happened, and I was prepared.

I had to pull over on the side of the road on Koh Phangan in Thailand earlier. Now during the day, stopping quick to fix my helmet would be a completely normal thing, but at night a couple extra factors come into play that I was conciously aware of, and it paid off nicely.

The 3 things I predicted could happen were:

1) Getting side swiped by an aggressive tuk tuk driver (much more likely to happen at night when you’re hard to see

2) Getting mugged. This is an unlikely situation to pop up but you never know, was somewhat random this popped into my head

3) Dogs. They don’t like scooters, they don’t like motorcycles, and they tend, at least on the island, to get more aggressive at night.

I quickly came up with 3 quick solutions, 2 of which were the same. For #1 it was as simple as pulling farther off the road than might have been necessary. Simple, just moved to a spot it would be unreasonable for a tuk tuk to drive.

I made the quick decision to leave the bike running and the kickstand up while fixing my helmet in the event that either #2 or #3 occurred.

And, for the first time, since I can remember, one of these actually happened, and I was prepared. Within a few seconds of pulling up the scooter and the engine going idle, 3 dogs came out from behind some shrubs, very aggro, and started approaching, then chasing when I hit the gas.

Usually the worst case scenario prep I do is to put my mind at ease and make whatever happens seem more palatable (it’s a habit now and pretty instantaneous in most situations these days with practice). In this case however, the few seconds I took to run through the potential issues/danger probably saved me from getting rabies (and having to hurt a dog)

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