My Book Writing Process – Comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing

This is the first in a small series I’ll be writing about the creation and approach to my first book on Comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing (name still to be determined)

Honestly, these posts are more to help me personally to analyze and improve on what I’m doing, I’ll be honest: I have no idea if what I’ll be doing are the right things to do, but I can tell you why I’m choosing to approach things a certain way.

To start I’ll just list the things I’m currently doing as work for this book:

1) Research:

I went through Audible and bought every LinkedIn Marketing book I could find that didn’t look like a scam/part of someone’s Kindle publishing “empire”. I now have 10+ hours of audio to listen to on LinkedIn Marketing.

This is to help me learn what’s already out there being sold in the same fashion as I intend to but I also expect to learn a lot and make some improvements to our current LinkedIn campaigns for ZenMaid

2) Sales Page:

In addition to additional research on the project right now I’m also finalizing a sales page for early access to the book. I already know that I’m going to write this book because I feel like I can help quite a few entrepreneurs with my story so this isn’t really about validation. Instead I’m trying to build an email list as I’m writing the book that I can go to for feedback or perspective

3) Find my “10”

I want to approach this book like I’m writing it for 5-10 of my close entrepreneur friends who are looking to get started or improve their results on LinkedIn. Right now I have about 3 friends in mind and I’m constantly brainstorming more. These 10 people would be my target audience and I’ve found it’s easier to approach mentally thinking “What would Joe need to know here to succeed with this section?” rather than “What should I include in this chapter?”

Finally, I’m trying to find as many book writing experts and resources as possible to figure out what I don’t know I don’t know.

More on that to come …

If you’re interested in being one of my “10” please don’t hesitate to reach out! Knowing what you need to know in order to succeed on LinkedIn helps me help you!

Here’s a photo from last night for no reason:

Here's a random photo from last night at the FC Barca match in Barcelona

Here’s a random photo from last night at the FC Barca match in Barcelona

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