Koh Phangan entrepreneur house – 10 day live-in sprint in January 2017


If you’re a nomad or entrepreneur and want to join two other highly focused individuals on a tropical island for a few days, this is for you.

We’re looking for an entrepreneur/nomad to join us (myself and Aga from www.SheisonFire.com) on Koh Phangan (island in South Thailand) for 10 days, from January 7th to January 17th in 2017.

We both run our own online businesses that we work on full time (ZenMaid and theCalisthenicsAcademy respectively) and would like a fellow entrepreneur (or nomad) to work alongside us for a few days. We’re both “non-technical” though Aga is heavily involved with her product development while I focus almost entirely on sales, marketing, and support.

We’re happy to help and trade ideas with whoever (whomever?) joins us, and would love to find someone that could potentially compliment our skills so all 3 of us can move our businesses forward significantly in our 10 day sprint.

We have an awesome two bedroom house a couple minutes scooter ride from the beach. Check out the video below from when we first toured it. You’ll get the first bedroom you see in the video for 10 days. We’ll be the very first people to ever live in this house so it’s spotless and all the furniture is brand, brand new.

We usually work 6 hours during the day with a lunch break and late afternoon break, and are often back at work in the mid-late evening (3-4 nights a week at least). We essentially hit the beach daily as part of our breaks and go out a few times to some of the local spots for drinks after our night work sessions. You’ll be invited to join us for any and all of these :-)

Price: $300 (paid through PayPal) or 11k bhat cash

If interested please fill out the TypeForm below and we’ll get back to you:

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