Directory Submisions – Part 3: Doubling ZenMaid’s Traffic in 1 Day

This post is part of a 9 video series (each less than 5 minutes) following actions I’m taking to double the traffic of in one day’s work.

Will it work?

I don’t know. But I’m going to try…

You can find links to all the videos at the bottom of this post.
First task done!

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Update: (1 week after) – This site was a big letdown, never heard back from the guy about the directory submissions and support for the site wasn’t much help either.

One thing that did happen outside of this task was we hired another outsourcer to submit us to 100 local business directories around North America. We’ll know in a few weeks how this affects our traffic and SEO (SEO is more likely to be positively affected here).

Check out the next video on posting content to LinkedIn groups by clicking here…
Video Series Links

Video 1: Explanation of what I’m doing

Video 2: Evaluating Options

Video 3: Directory submissions for SEO and Visibility

Video 4: Posting Quality Content Regularly to LinkedIn

Video 5: Doubling Down On LinkedIn with LinkedIn Ads

Video 6: Getting involved with an industry-specific non-profit: Cleaning For a Reason

Video 7: Using VeeRoll to Increase YouTube Traffic

Video 8: Joining the Membership to Talk to More Maid Services Directly