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Evaluating Options – Part 2: Doubling ZenMaid’s Traffic in 1 Day

This post is part of a 9 video series (each less than 5 minutes) following actions I’m taking to double the traffic of in one day’s work.

Will it work?

I don’t know. But I’m going to try…


Part 2 of the Doubling ZenMaid’s Traffic series!

In the video below I share what I ultimately decided I would work on today to attempt to double ZenMaid’s traffic:

Leave a comment below if you’d like to know more about how I actually prioritized what to work on.

Tidbit: Why do I write my to-do lists on receipts?

It forces me to keep my priorities concise and focused.

The List of Lead Generation Ideas to Implement Today:

1. Directory submissions
2. LinkedIn Content
3. LinkedIn Ads
4. Cleaning For a Reason
5. VeeRoll
6. Membership
7. FaceBook Ads
Video Series Links

Video 1: Explanation of what I’m doing

Video 2: Evaluating Options

Video 3: Directory submissions for SEO and Visibility

Video 4: Posting Quality Content Regularly to LinkedIn

Video 5: Doubling Down On LinkedIn with LinkedIn Ads

Video 6: Getting involved with an industry-specific non-profit: Cleaning For a Reason

Video 7: Using VeeRoll to Increase YouTube Traffic

Video 8: Joining the Membership to Talk to More Maid Services Directly

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